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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

From the Mouths of Babes...

Yesterday was an interesting day. I had a great day at work, came home, made dinner, got the kids fed and with my new found determination to stay on top of the house, got the dishes done and Brooke ready for soccer. At some point during the preparation for soccer practice, I had to go out to the car and found that Apollo (the dog) had torn into my brand new plant in the planter and torn up Brooke's little flower pots. Dirt, plants and plastic everywhere. Sadly, my first instinct was to beat the crap out of him since he tore into my new somewhat pricy plant. My second thought, was hurry and throw Brooke's stuff out before she see's it and hope she doesn't remember since it had been several days since she'd paid attention to it!

Went back into the house, told Kyle to get rid of the evidence. Well, he wasn't fast enough, she figured out her little garden had been torn up by the dog! She comes downstairs to my room crying like the whole world had come to an end. I settled her down and told her we could get a new pot and grow some new flowers for her. Finally settled down, we walked out the door to go to soccer. While we were outside in the yard, I hear this from Brooke. "Kyle, I'm going to get a new pot and dirt and grow some pretty flowers and then when Dad gets home I can pick a flower for him and I will give him a really good massage, Mom do you think Dad will like that?" sweet. By the way she told me today not to tell Dad about the flower, it's a surprise! It was okay to tell him about the massage though. So then, Brooke is climbing into the truck and we're talking about this great massage she's going to give Dad when he comes home. I get in the drivers seat and I hear her say "Mom, it's always sad when Daddy's are gone, isn't it?" Brooke just melts my heart all the time. She's said something completely adorable since then, but I didn't get on here fast enough. I am reminded of how much I enjoyed Kyle at this age. It's priceless.


  1. It's good to know that I'm missed, she's definately a thinker, those gears are always turning!

  2. LOL...yes she is and while Kyle is more silent, Brooke is very in tune with the fact that you are gone. Love ya.


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