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Monday, September 7, 2009

The Holiday Weekend...

Well, we survived the weekend. Sunday was a long day after a long week, I hit the sack at 6:30 and never got up! Yes, I slept 13 hours and boy did it feel good. I must have needed it although I missed my hubby on Facebook. Kyle's game didn't go so well. We should have beat this team, they couldn't beat another team that we did beat, so it doesn't really make a whole lot of sense why we lost 0-2. We played one of Skagit's select teams, silver division but select all the same. The weather was crappy, it was probalby in the 50's perhaps high 40's, although I think it was the wind that made it feel that way. We had high gusts and wind throughout the game and it rained for most of it and not sprinkling, it rained! No score at half time, but then they slipped one in and then sadly we ended up with a PK against us and they scored that one. I think by that point we were falling apart. Kyle played a great game, he played with no breaks, but played as defender and most of the game was actually played on their side if the field suprisingly enough. I only got a few shots since it started pouring, I posted the best one I got. Anywho, on the up side to all of this, we had Labor day off! Yeeeeha!

So, got up about 7 this morning and got going on the house. We made eggs for breakfast, watched a movie and then I came downstairs for the afternoon to clean our room...whew, what a mess. Got all the laundry done and put away and the kids in bed by 8:30...we're on our way to a school schedule! They've been staying up way too late and so with school starting on Thursday it's time to crack down to a schedule.
Sadly today was a little rough, Kyle was great, cleaned his room, very well, I might add. I gave him a few hours on War Hammer, but as usual that bit me in the butt! He was fine getting off but everytime I asked him to do something, it was half ass. Man, I get sick of that crap. I hate that I can't give him computer time, I hate that he continues to turn on his TV and do what he wants when I'm not looking which is a blatent disregard for my authority. So he's going to Stacie's this week. He's grounded from the computer, Wii and TV. Every single thing I asked for this afternoon wasn't done to completion even after I specifically asked him to do that, he argued with Brooke repeatedly and Brooke got in trouble too and he didn't do the dishes after I've asked him all weekend. I even did what dishes I dirtied and left only the nasty crap he left in the sink and he still kept putting it off. I hate being the bad and guy and I know because he has his moments, that life can go smoothly and we're all happy, but he always screws it away! Why? Why do kids do that, was I that bad growing up? How did my parents survive if so? All these questions and no answers.

So on the lighter side, Kyle's room looks great, all his stuff is ready to go for school. We have open house tomorrow night and because they changed the teachers around, he will remain in ACE and get the teacher I wanted for him. On the darker side, I didn't get to Brooke's room and I can't even see the floor....ugh! I wonder if Kyle will ever figure out that he can't compar himself to Brooke either! That would another argument precented tonight! On the lighter side again, while everybody was getting along, Brooke was playing in the backyard and I couldn't resist getting the camera out and taking some shots. She asked me earlier what do birds eat that we have the in the kitchen. I told her probably only bread. She asked for a piece and I told her she could have one. So she carefully planted small pieces of bread in one of her small toy bins strategically in the back yard. Then she wandered the back yard trying to catch either a small bird or a butterfly. She was puzzled when i told her that bread won't attract a butterfly. She asked what do they eat...I had to tell her I hadn't a clue. So she continued in her search with her little pink babie case. Then I had to get some candids of her and actually got a few good shots.

Now that I've written a book...I sit her thinking it's late and I was really hoping to hear from my hubby. He's probably tourning Singapore, so I think I'm out of luck tonight. I would have liked to hear his voice although because of e-mail we run out of things to say. Sometimes I miss the good old days when we had plenty to say because we hadn't spoken in so long. But I don't miss the phone bills! Anywho, if you read this honey, sorry I missed you but I have to start getting to bed on time or else the children may not survive deployment! Hope you have a great day and I love you!
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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 1 Skagit Labor Day Kicks Tournament

Well, day 1 came to end...I was way too tired to write last night. It was a long day on top of staying for a 3rd game for Chelsea, Shauna and Paul's daughter. I'm pleased to say that I think for only the second time in the last 4 years of playing academy that we actually won a game in these types of tournaments. We're an academy team, not quite select but not recreation and this tournament is select. We played against a Whatcom developmental/select team and won 3-2, they were more along the lines of our level of playing which was nice. We probably could have scored more, but it was an exciting game. They played very well. Kyle's skills are improving dramatically. Shauna watched part of the game and she even said from last season, they looked really good and Kyle did an awesome job. He played defender and is telling me that's the position he really likes. I would have loved to see him in forward and he is alternating between the two, but how can any kid have a chance when you have the same little super star who dominates the position, although he is fast? Defender seems to suite Kyle and he is getting better. Kyle is doing a great job of trapping the ball now and he seems to be making ever kick count. He was very consistent and and effective in his playing yesterday.

His second game was a little different, it was a Whatcom Select team, they were little and fast as hell! Every time we would get the ball, they were all over it! You couldn't turn around without having them all over you. They played dirty and even though we had terrible calls, really bad calls, they had off sides called on them all the time. It was a tough game, not as good as the first, but we took a few of them out and made them work hard even though the score was 1-5. The most important goal for our team about half way through the game was just score one point for us so they didn't get 10 points for the game because of a shut out! They did that to the last team which put them way in front as the lead. I suspect this team should have been playing Gold division not Silver, but wahtever, some will that to boost their ego's. The team that Whatcom Select shut out yesterday is our game today so it will be interesting to see if we can keep ourselves in second place, we don't really know what to expect. Kyle had some good plays, but he was on the opposite side of the field from where the playing was happening for this game. Our keeper notoriously kicks to the right and that's where the ball always was. Kyle was on the left. Sadly he was way too predictable for this team. They figured out right away how to play off our keepers kicks and since most of the game was on our side, the keeper was staying busy. Hopefully our coach noticed that. I think we need to work on that. thankfully, the keeper blocked a huge amount of shots even after that battled with the defenders, so it could have been so much worse than it was. Our keeper kept going even after being deliberatly kicked in the chest by the other team...first yellow I've seen in all our years of play. Shouldn't have been, but at least this ref knew what he was doing - at least at that point he did! Can I just say Skagit refs are terrible - there I've said my peace.

Well, I guess we need to get going...wish us luck today! More notes and pictures to follow. I kind of hope we can go to the playoffs, that would be a first for this team and this is a Select tournament. Although, I wouldn't mind having the day off either! LOL
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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Soccer Weekend

We're off to the Burlington Labor Day Soccer, fun, fun. Just what I love to do spend the holiday weekend at the fields. Don't get me wrong, I love the action, I love watching Kyle play and there are great people to hang out with, but it's a long weekend. Don't tell Kyle but if they do lose, it's okay we get a couple days off as a family, but I would love to see them win! Skagit doesn't like us so if we your face Skagit! haha

Couple of action shots from Kyle's last tournament, I missed most of it because I was TAD, but I thought these were pretty good. Wish us luck....GO GALAXY!!!

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Friday, September 4, 2009

My baby boy...maybe not a baby so much any more, he was so adorable up to about 6 and then ummmm, not so cute, but he seems to be growing back into it. I can't believe he's going to be 11 in a few weeks! This was taken a couple of weeks ago at Deceptions Pass, just like Brooke, getting a good smile is tough anymore, so I love this picture. I took him clothes shopping the other day and I think we're getting closer and closer to me not being able to shop without him. It's all about striped shirts, plaid shorts, converse, Quicksilver to name a few and even lighter colors like turquoise! Fashion has suddenly become very important and in fact just a couple of weeks ago he started doing his hair and is brushing his teeth everyday...without me asking. Uh...oh.... The girl down the street I think has a crush on him too! Grandpa was giving him grief for weeks over Ria coming over to ask Kyle to play everyday and when he went to soccer camp...older girls coaching, the boy cleaned right up! I noticed the other night that he wanted to stay outside after dark and was just hanging out in the front yard talking to Ria...much to his mother's surprise. Ahhh, I see years of anxiety coming my way. I don't have any gray hairs yet...but I imagine I'm well on my way. At least we still have one more year before Junior High. By the way, I measured him tonight just for kicks. I have the measurements of both kids from two years ago at this time and Kevin was gone. Kyle is measuring at ummm, can't find the measuring tape, but it's about 3 inches taller than last year and he stands up to my bottom lip! He's gonna be tall I think.
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Summer Time

My baby girl, hanging out in the dash of Dad's motor home. I love the great candids, it's hard to get these smiles anymore because she's trying so hard. She had a very fun summer with Aunt Suzy, the kids, Grandpa and Grammy visiting. She cried real tears the night she had to say goodbye to the grandfolks. It was precious and I think she had the whole room in tears including Grandpa. She spent two weeks just hanging out with Grandpa and Grammy and four weeks before that playing hard with the cousins all day. Whewww...what a summer! I think it's probably been the shortest summer I've ever had. Seems like it was just yesterday that school was letting out and it starts next week.
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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

From the Mouths of Babes...

Yesterday was an interesting day. I had a great day at work, came home, made dinner, got the kids fed and with my new found determination to stay on top of the house, got the dishes done and Brooke ready for soccer. At some point during the preparation for soccer practice, I had to go out to the car and found that Apollo (the dog) had torn into my brand new plant in the planter and torn up Brooke's little flower pots. Dirt, plants and plastic everywhere. Sadly, my first instinct was to beat the crap out of him since he tore into my new somewhat pricy plant. My second thought, was hurry and throw Brooke's stuff out before she see's it and hope she doesn't remember since it had been several days since she'd paid attention to it!

Went back into the house, told Kyle to get rid of the evidence. Well, he wasn't fast enough, she figured out her little garden had been torn up by the dog! She comes downstairs to my room crying like the whole world had come to an end. I settled her down and told her we could get a new pot and grow some new flowers for her. Finally settled down, we walked out the door to go to soccer. While we were outside in the yard, I hear this from Brooke. "Kyle, I'm going to get a new pot and dirt and grow some pretty flowers and then when Dad gets home I can pick a flower for him and I will give him a really good massage, Mom do you think Dad will like that?" sweet. By the way she told me today not to tell Dad about the flower, it's a surprise! It was okay to tell him about the massage though. So then, Brooke is climbing into the truck and we're talking about this great massage she's going to give Dad when he comes home. I get in the drivers seat and I hear her say "Mom, it's always sad when Daddy's are gone, isn't it?" Brooke just melts my heart all the time. She's said something completely adorable since then, but I didn't get on here fast enough. I am reminded of how much I enjoyed Kyle at this age. It's priceless.