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Friday, September 4, 2009

My baby boy...maybe not a baby so much any more, he was so adorable up to about 6 and then ummmm, not so cute, but he seems to be growing back into it. I can't believe he's going to be 11 in a few weeks! This was taken a couple of weeks ago at Deceptions Pass, just like Brooke, getting a good smile is tough anymore, so I love this picture. I took him clothes shopping the other day and I think we're getting closer and closer to me not being able to shop without him. It's all about striped shirts, plaid shorts, converse, Quicksilver to name a few and even lighter colors like turquoise! Fashion has suddenly become very important and in fact just a couple of weeks ago he started doing his hair and is brushing his teeth everyday...without me asking. Uh...oh.... The girl down the street I think has a crush on him too! Grandpa was giving him grief for weeks over Ria coming over to ask Kyle to play everyday and when he went to soccer camp...older girls coaching, the boy cleaned right up! I noticed the other night that he wanted to stay outside after dark and was just hanging out in the front yard talking to Ria...much to his mother's surprise. Ahhh, I see years of anxiety coming my way. I don't have any gray hairs yet...but I imagine I'm well on my way. At least we still have one more year before Junior High. By the way, I measured him tonight just for kicks. I have the measurements of both kids from two years ago at this time and Kevin was gone. Kyle is measuring at ummm, can't find the measuring tape, but it's about 3 inches taller than last year and he stands up to my bottom lip! He's gonna be tall I think.
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