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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Good Morning from the beautiful island of Sicily.  I sent invites last night to everybody, however, Kevin forgot to update his contacts on Google before we left the states, so our address book is in a box either crossing the US by truck or on a pier or ship about now.  So if you didn't get an invite yet, please let me know and don't be offended, it's not personal.  I'm working off of a very old address book. 

Thus far, we've been living in Temporary Lodging at Sigonella since the 21st.  We have no internet or phone.  Kevin received a cell phone immediately from the command which he can use as needed.  We were also lended a car, so we can get around, but having just received our international drivers license yesterday, we haven't ventured too far from the bases yet.  We got my cell phone a couple of days later, so now we can get a hold of each other while he is at work.  We cracked into my old cell phone so Kyle will be up and running today.  We are very fortunate and were #1 on the housing list, so we move in tomorrow and then get our internet, cable and home phone on Thursday.  Unfortunately, we don't get our houshold goods until middle of September which stinks, but at least we'll be home.  Once the internet is running, I will copy and paste my journal entries from our arrival in here.  Until then, hold tight.  We've taken some pictures.  Kyle and I are taking a bunch today so we can share. 

Take care all and we miss you all.