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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Last But Not Least...

Today was a catch up day, so I have several posts.  I have the big one at the bottom and then as I was selecting pictures, I realized I forgot a bunch of stuff, so I thought it would be easier to put some small posts in to add.

The last thing that has blown my mind here, at least so far are the skies...I've never seen, literally day after day, sunsets, sun-rises and beautiful cloud formations as I've seen here.  There must be something about the climate here that creates that...obviously!  Along with that, kind of 4 distinct seasons.  The rainiest time of  year here is middle of spring and fall.  The summers are hot, but the winters are supposedly mild, not that you can tell by the way the Italians dress.  Unlike the Pacific Northwest which we've spent 17 years in, it doesn't sprinkle, it pours, but thankfully, that's a short season. 

So I'm attaching some pictures I've taken of all of these things.  I can't stop taking pictures and really need to work on my landscape photography skills!  There are so many that I've missed because I haven't had my camera with me too. 

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