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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Italian Food

Yum, yum...although I must say I still prefer American Pizza.  I get heartburn from Italian Pizza, too greasy!  Pistachios (pronounced piss-takio) are huge here, it's a primary export for Sicily and everywhere you go they make just about anything with them.  Anti-pasta's, deserts, main courses, you name it, they make it.  I've already learned how to make Pistachio Pasta.   Still trying out a lot of local places but we have learned that we love Granita and Brioche for breakfast!  Swordfish and squid or octopus is big over there, it's cheap and there's a lot of it, like Tuna.  I can't really get used to the squid or octopus, too chewy, rubbery and flavorless for me.  Kyle loves it, although I do think that it matters how it's cooked.  Citrus fruits are huge here, another primary export so I'm told in the spring that all you can smell is citrus from all the groves.  Naturally, olive oil is huge, I plan on going on an ITT tour next month which is an olive oil tasting tour!  Can't wait.  Most of the ladies that I know that have been here for awhile, cook insanely with it, so I'm sure I'll be there soon.  Naturally wine is also huge, it's everywhere, the grapes here are to die for.  The markets are always changing, unlike in the states, you can only buy fruits and veggies when they are in season, so you buy what you can get, not necessarily what you're craving, but there is always a ton to pick from.  Some vegetables, like cauliflower and broccoli was actually purple, they are the same breed that's grown in the states, but because of the lava soil since we live at the base of Mt. Etna, they grow purple.  Pretty cool!  We buy fruits and veggies only from the local markets.   Everything at the commissary has to come from Germany, so it's not good.  I'm also buying meat, cheese and eggs from the local markets now.  I haven't become a cheese snob yet, but we're working on that!  I'm attaching a picture of a few things, the Pistachio steak I had recently, the Pistachio pasta I made recently...a watermelon that was the juiciest one I've ever had in my life and some other fun things.

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