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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Flooding in Sicily

So yesterday was an interesting day.  We woke up after what I would consider one of the loudest weather nights in my life.  Yes, for those of you at Whidbey Island, worse than anything I remember there in our 17 years.  When I looked outside after the sun started to rise, all I could see was literally sheets of rain that were going sideways not falling down.  The direction in which the rain was going was against our two back doors, our bedroom window and Brooke's bedroom window!  We discovered later than morning that in fact the rain was so hard and for so long that our windows and one of the doors were leaking.  Only one room, ours was bad, the others we can only see spots of moisture on the walls around the door and windows.  We had a puddle in our room.  So needless to say, we have housing coming out today to re-seal everything.  It took an hour to two hours for the base to concede and shut down for all non-essential personnel and schools to close, including mine!!!  Kyle was not pleased that I made him get on the very late bus.  School buses did pick up students but were very late because two of the three back roads to NAS I from housing were closed due to flooding and they were saying the third road right outside housing was really bad.  We never left the house and the buses had to bring students back within an hour or so...however, these photos surfaced later on Facebook and so I had to share. 

This is the first photo that showed up on FB, it's hazy because that's how much it's raining. 
Taken by a friend.
This was also shared on Facebook, all three of these photos are outside of housing, the main road between housing and NAS II. 
Shared on Facebook, this is outside of the mall nearby.  The car that's almost completely submerged is on a street that turns into a traffic circle you can't see.  Insane!

All night we listened to the water beat on the northwest side of our house.  Thankfully, no flooding on our street into the house.   The rain let up by last night and hopefully that's it.  It's a good think Kyle mowed the other day because it's going to be a while.  Our yard it still a giant puddle! 

As usual, Sicily is proving to be especially unique, volcanoes, extreme rain, some of the most beautiful skies and cloud formations I've ever seen and I look forward to many more new and crazy experiences.  I'm behind on my blogs so stay in touch over the next few days.  I'm going to try and catch up!

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